Disney World Resort in Orlando

The Disney Resort in Orlando is one of Florida's most popular tourist destinations. The culmination of Walt Disney's imagination, the Disney Resort in Orlando is an expansive property that can provide its visitors with a unique and exciting vacation experience. Walt Disney World features four distinct theme parks, two water parks, two miniature golf courses and several full golf courses as well. With all these attractions as well as an extensive number of hotels and resorts, you can easily see why the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando is a popular vacation spot.

The four theme parks at the Disney Resort in Orlando are unique parks that create environments where the visitors can forget the real world and immerse themselves in Walt Disney World. The main theme park, the Magic Kingdom, has the trademark Cinderella's Castle as well as some of the most well loved rides and attractions recreated from Disneyland in California. Epcot takes a more educational approach in its d├ęcor, focusing on the technological and global aspects of the world that are constantly changing and improving. Disney's MGM Studios is centered around a Hollywood theme with rides and attractions that seem to be straight out of the movies. The last and newest of Disney's four theme parks, the Animal Kingdom, is an exciting mix of a theme park and an interactive zoo. With these four interesting and innovative theme parks, the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando has created a fun and exciting place for people of all ages to visit.

Disney does not stop, however, with the theme parks. The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando features two popular water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both water parks contain a wide variety of water rides and attractions so every level of swimmer can have a fun and enjoyable time at these parks. Each water park is heavily themed from the attractions down to the park maps located around each park. If water parks do not interest you, the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando offers two miniature golf courses. The newest miniature golf course, Disney's Winter Summerland, is located immediately outside of the Blizzard Beach water park. This mini golf course features two separately themed courses with sound effects and interactive holes. Fantasia Gardens, the other miniature golf course, is located near the Swan and Dolphin resorts and features a more traditional style of mini golf. Of course, the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando also offers traditional golf courses that feature state of the art technology and well-kept courses. Aside from the theme parks and other attractions offered at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, you have a wide selection of various sports and boating rentals available to you as well. With the many man-made lakes scattered around Disney property, you can easily rent a boat or fishing gear to make use of these lakes.

Whether you choose to visit one of Disney's four renowned theme parks or would rather visit the other attractions the Disney Resort in Orlando has to offer, you have many options to choose from. Disney World recognizes that a vacation centered around the four theme parks is not an ideal trip for some guests. That is why the Disney Resort in Orlando offers such a wide selection of activities. This variety of activities gives the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando a well-rounded environment that many of its competitors lack.