Disney Orlando Resort

There is more to do at the Disney Orlando Resort than the theme parks. With two exciting water parks, two miniature golf courses, five full golf courses, marinas and a sports complex, you will not run out of attractions to visit after you have seen the theme parks. These other attractions are good ways to add a little something extra into your Disney Orlando Resort vacation.

The two water parks at the Disney Orlando Resort, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, are wildly popular with both Florida locals and visitors. At Typhoon Lagoon, visitors are surrounded by the remnants of a shipwreck. Blizzard Beach, however, showcases what would happen if a snowstorm ever hit Central Florida. Both water parks offer an exciting array of water rides and pools for all ages. These water parks are easily accessible on the Disney Transportation System with complimentary transportation to and from your Disney Orlando Resort hotels.

If you do not want to visit the water parks, the Disney Orlando Resort offers two creative miniature golf courses. The first course, Disney's Winter Summerland course, is located immediately outside the gates of Blizzard Beach. This course features two unique courses themed after winter and summer respectively. If you would rather play a more traditional game of miniature golf, Fantasia Gardens which is located on the outskirts of the Swan and Dolphin hotels offers a challenging course surrounded by interesting Disney topiaries. For those golfers that would rather experience the full golfing challenge, the Disney Orlando Resort has five renowned golf courses. Three of these courses are even on the PGA tour. Whether you choose to take the miniature golf challenge or the full 18 hole challenge, Disney provides rental equipment so you do not have to bring your own clubs unless you wish.

There are also several sporting options for the athletic visitors to the Disney Orlando Resort. The Wide World of Sports complex features several sporting options, live events and is even the spring training ground for the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Boasting restaurants, shops and a variety of sporting events, the Wide World of Sports can be a fun excursion for fans of sporting events. Athletics, however, is not limited to the Wide World of Sports. There are a variety of marinas scattered throughout the Disney Orlando Resort. At these marinas you can rent a variety of boats including paddleboats, speedboats and pontoon boats. Many of these marinas also host fishing as well. You can sign up for scheduled fishing times where a scout will take you and your party to various spots throughout Disney's waterways where you can partake in Disney's catch and release style of fishing. Whatever kind of sport you enjoy, the Disney Orlando Resort has something for you.

Many people assume that the Disney Orlando Resort consists of the four theme parks. Disney actually offers a variety of other attractions if you know where and how to look for them. Knowing that you have more options than just the theme parks is your first step to a varied and exciting Disney vacation. Don't forget to check out these other attractions next time you visit the Disney Orlando Resort.