Walt Disney Resort in Orlando

The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando is home to a unique theme park. Epcot, which stands for Environmental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is an educational theme park that focuses on technology and global studies. Many people do not immediately want to visit Epcot at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando because they feel the educational aspect of the park would not be as fun as other Disney theme parks. This is not true, however, as Epcot offers a pleasant mix of education and fun.

Epcot has several rides and attractions to satisfy the thrill seekers who visit the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. These rides take a variety of forms from roller coasters to simulators to traditional rides. Test Track is Epcot's premier thrill ride. This attraction takes you through a vehicle testing course at high speeds. Test Track gives you a taste of what a vehicle tester experiences as he or she tests new and innovative cars and trucks. If you'd rather try something more futuristic, Epcot's newest attraction, Mission Space, is a fun and exciting space simulator. On Mission Space, visitors have the opportunity to control a space ship traveling on the surface of Mars. This attraction is not for everyone, however, as the ride is actually a centrifuge which spins rapidly to create the feeling of G-forces. There are a variety of traditional rides throughout Epcot as well. From boat rides to track rides, there are many attractions for people who want to avoid the extreme thrill rides. No matter what your taste in attractions is, Epcot at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando has something for you.

Epcot has one of the most popular souvenir stores at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando as well. MouseGears is Epcot's main souvenir store with a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs. This store has fine jewelry, Epcot and Disney themed merchandise, toys, kitchen products and various other kinds of items. MouseGears just represents the Disney merchandise Epcot has to offer. The World Showcase offers Disney shoppers a unique shopping experience. With several pavilions patterned after different countries, shoppers can purchase exotic merchandise from various countries. Whether you are looking for Norwegian perfume, German steins, Italian leather or French wine, the World Showcase has what you are looking for. Epcot provides a unique shopping experience at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando being that not all the merchandise found in the park is Disney themed.

The World Showcase also offers a unique selection of restaurants and cuisines for its visitors. Like the shopping, you can experience what different countries have to offer for dining and cultural cuisines. Each country's pavilion has at least one sit down restaurant. Several of the countries have multiple restaurants so you can eat according to your schedule and budget. If you have the time, it is recommended that you try one of the sit down restaurants at the World Showcase. Not only do the restaurants feature cultural cuisine, the wait staff of each restaurant is from that country as well. The restaurants in the World Showcase offer visitors an excellent opportunity to learn about a country and its culture first hand from its citizens. The World Showcase at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando gives you the chance to experience a country without ever leaving Central Florida.

The two halves of Epcot, the technological side and the World Showcase side, offer a variety of things for its visitors. Whether you want to learn about technology or other countries, Epcot gives you the chance to do it. With a wide selection of attractions, restaurants and souvenir stores, Epcot at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando is a wonderful and exciting theme park to visit.